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Local Programs >> French >> Petit déjeuner du vendredi

Croissants, baguette, confiture, beurre, café au lait… 

We will be taking a summer break in late August. There will be NO PETIT DEJEUNER on 8/17, 24, 31. We will resume after Labor Day on 9/7.

Date: Every Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. unless we have sent an announcement to cancel. Please make sure you are on our mailing list.
Location: The Language Exchange - 75 Market Street, Suite 305, Portland. 
Moderator: Valerie Guillet

Whether you just had your first French class last week or speak fluently -- perhaps you are visiting from Québec or Marseille? -- if you would like to speak French more than once a week and in a non-classroom setting, consider making these gatherings every time you are in town. They will soon become the highlight of your week and you won't want to miss them!

On any given week between 7:30 and 8:30 am (pour les retardataires), ten to twenty people (slightly more in the summer who end up sitting in each other’s lap…) gather around a large conference room table where cups, plates, and napkins await. Coffee and tea essentials are available and a strong coffee aroma has already spread throughout the school. New comers are first welcomed and "interrogated" -- indeed, why on earth would you get up this early for a cup of strong coffee (organic French roast from 
CBD and French style... pas de jus de chaussettes ici!) -- and all others are greeted with a casual "Ah! Marie/Norrie/Robert/Joan/Madame Framboise! Ça va? Quoi de neuf?" and off it goes. Whatever comes up will be discussed, analyzed, criticized, joked about, made fun of, agreed with, and also... CORRECTED! The French language police are out early and with bionic ears do not let anything slide by! We mostly laugh a lot and can't wait for the following week after we feel caught up on everyone's news and on any city or worldly occurrence worth our attention.  

We ask that participants bring food items to share whenever possible (not to feed an army! just a croissant or two, or an apple!) and strongly encourage that they visit Standard Baking Co. for the best croissants in town. 
Coffee, tea, cream (c/o Madame Demi-demi), sugar, jam, and butter are provided. 

Price: After 18 years of free weekly gathering that have attracted up to 35 people at once (the morning of a special Dégustation de Croissants) we have decided to ask you for a small investment starting in the fall of 2014.
Le PETIT DEJEUNER has been meeting once a week (on various days) since 1996; out of the 52 weeks comprised in a year, we meet approximately 40 to 48 times. Once you have subtracted the snow cancellations, holidays or your hostess’s traveling days, we still manage more than 40 weeks a year. Therefore, the fee that we are now asking for you to invest on a yearly basis is the equivalent of $1.25 or less/week and you know that your $1.25 affords you guarantied fun -- or at least highly animated – conversations, great companions, and by far the strongest coffee in town! In addition, those of you who have been coming with regularity know that an extra hour of conversational practice outside of class, during which any and all topics can surface, is a great way to improve your ability to understand spoken French and communicate when put on the spot.
The fee structure is as follows:
- 1st visit – always FREE of charge as we want to encourage you to try it and see for yourself if that is the right environment for you
A yearly “membership” to the petit déjeuner - $50. The "membership year" begins and ends in September.
If you prefer to pay-per-visit because you can only participate a few times a year, the fee will be $5 payable the morning of your visit. And if you can't quite afford it, don't let it stop you. Come and visit, and we will chat.

We look forward to seeing you at breakfast very soon!

  To sign up by check, click here.

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